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Bidh fàilte is furan oirbh nuair a thig sibh gu Oilthigh Naoimh Fransaidh Xavier ann an Alba Nuadh.

The Department of Celtic Studies at Saint Francis Xavier University (StFX) in Antigonish, Nova Scotia is delighted to host the next CSANA conference from May 5-8, 2016. StFX last hosted CSANA in 1992, the first time the conference was held in Canada.

StFX has a strong history in connection with Scottish Gaelic, and is one the first universities to teach a Celtic language in North America. Its earliest faculty were mostly Gaelic speaking and indeed it was established in 1853 by Gaelic-speaking priest, Bishop Colin F. MacKinnon. Gaelic (and occasionally other Celtic-related courses) has been taught at StFX continually since 1890-91, and Celtic Studies, as a department in its own right, was established in 1958. Two fully endowed chairs were established in 1984 (Gaelic Studies) and 2001 (Celtic Studies). Celtic Studies degrees are available at StFX at various levels: a BA minor, major, and honours in Celtic Studies, as well as an MA in Celtic Studies.

The Celtic Studies Department currently has two full-time faculty members—Dr Michael Linkletter, Head of Department and holder of the Sister Saint Veronica Chair in Gaelic Studies, and Dr Ranke de Vries, holder of the Ben Alder Chair in Celtic Studies—and one part-time member, Kathleen Reddy, Gaelic instructor. The department administrative assistant is Thelma Snyder.


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